Melanie bridges brand strategy, marketing and growth to build digital-first, consumer-obsessed businesses. She’s built the first community-driven drugstore skincare brand, founded a consulting firm working with Sephora and Li & Fung, and spoken at SXSW on the Future of Retail.

As General Manager of the first beauty brand spinoff from Clique - one of Fast Company's 50 Most Innovative Companies - Melanie combines community-driven development with hyper-growth management to incubate and scale clean skincare for all. Melanie was previously Vice President of Marketing and Brand Development at Clique.

Prior to Clique, Melanie played a key role in Westfield's customer strategy, leading brand vision and marketing for a one billion-dollar development, and helping incubate Westfield's Future of Retail initiative to lead the convergence of tech, culture and commerce. Melanie previously worked with Mana Products, one of the world's leading contract beauty manufacturers, to shape brand development and growth initiatives for owned and partner brands across mass retail, DTC, salon and MLM channels. At 24, Melanie co-founded Post+Beam, a marketing consultancy helping brands reach millennials through emerging digital channels, with clients including Sephora, Li & Fung and Make Up For Ever.

Melanie’s insatiable curiosity about how people and things work has led her to study topics across data science, web development, consumer behavior, innovation culture, business management and maximizing Girl Scout Cookies sell-through.