Melanie bridges marketing, branding, digital and business development to create culture through commerce. She’s built a billion-dollar brand, founded a consulting firm working with Sephora and Li & Fung, and spoken at SXSW on the Future of Retail.

As Vice President of Marketing for The Bailey Group, Melanie currently oversees all aspects of omni-channel marketing for The Bailey Group’s portfolio of fashion brands, growing direct-to-consumer ecommerce, brick-and-mortar expansion and merchant distribution.

Prior to The Bailey Group, Melanie played a key role in Westfield's current and future customer strategy, and was a core member of Westfield's Future of Retail team, collaborating across disciplines to lead the convergence of tech, culture and commerce. She is also a co-founding partner of Post+Beam, an innovation and communications firm creating multi-channel strategies with Sephora, Li & Fung, W Hotels and Shoes of Prey.

Melanie’s insatiable curiosity about how people and things work has led her to study topics across data science, web development, media, social trends, innovation culture, business management and running in heels.